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Wishful Yo Detox Review

A new addition to Wishful Skincare, Yo Detox, a new face and body scrub for deep skin detox. I am all for face and body scrub, many people neglect that fact our skin needs renewal and exfoliation can help! I’ve been using Wishful Yo Glow and Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant since last year. The reason why I went back to Dermalogica is because I feel Yo Glow sometimes can be too gentle to my skin during the “problematic skin” time. That being said, here comes YO Detox, a scrub is for skin that is prone to breakouts, clogged pores and has ingrown hairs.

Brand Description:

“A unique 3-in-1 chemical and physical scrub that’s packed with the same signature ingredients as Yo Glow (pineapple & papaya enzymes as well as AHA & BHAs) + purifying charcoal for a gentle yet intensive deep skin detox.”

Key Ingredients Comparison:

Yo Detox Yo Glow


Pineapple & Papaya enzymes Vs Papaya Fruit Extract

Witch Hazel Pineapple Fruit Extract

Charcoal Cellulose

Overall, it feels like an intense version of Yo Glow, and the smell is even more pleasant than Yo Glow. I used a small amount on the back of my hand, my hand feels soft and smooth after I wipe the excess away. And then I put small amount on my face at night, followed Wishful Honey Balm, my skin looks glowing and feels incredibly soft! I would love to use Yo Detox for my body however, it has the same amount as Yo Glow which is 100ml I feel the bottle won't last me as long as I would love to lol!

*Cruelty-Free, Clean-beauty, Sulfates-free, Parabens- free

100ml $39

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