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Are They The Same Shade?

Mid-March already, lots of things happened during my "no-post" period. Pandemic was the main issue I guess. Good thing I am back and ready for more post and more interesting topics(MUCH MORE).

Just another day I was organizing my makeup room, I swear it was by accident I took a photo of my favorite 4 lippies and posted it on Instagram and one of my followers pointed out these lippies look the same. Out of my own cruiousty, I decided write a detail post with swatches.

From L to R: Tatcha Cherry Blossom(Le), Gucci 208 They met in Argentina, Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Belles and Too Faced I’m Thriving.

First impression, they are all pink shades obviously. However, sometimes pictures tend to change products’ real color. And as my own experiences, with different formula it creates different finish. Below are what I found on the website: Tatcha Cherry Blossom(will write as CB) is petal pink, Gucci They Met In Argentina(will write as 208) is soft pink, Ct Wedding belles (will write as WB) is rosebud pink and Tf I’m Thriving(will write as IT) is a muted beige pink lipstick.

I swatches these on my arm, Tatcha CB is sheer true pink, Gucci 208 is definitely warm pink with peach hue, Ct WB is nude pink and the last not the least Tf IT is a such gorgeous shade, but it’s the least pink-ish pink lipstick among all, if you get what I mean lol It appears brown-ish warm pink on my skintone.

I wish I could swatch them on my lips, unfortunately my lips are too dry to put on any lipstick (I am using Glow recipe and my lips are getting better). Maybe the Tatcha CB is fine I still want to swatch them all when I can. Let me know if you have any good remedy to cure cracked lips.

More information:

Tatcha Cherry Blossom was Le, and isn't available now

Gucci 208 They Met In Argentina $45

Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Belles $38

Too Faced I'm Thriving $28

Thank you for reading! And Happy Pink Wednesday!


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