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These Lashes Are LEGIT!

“For me, lashes are the epitome of femininity, which is why I became obsessed with fake lashes since mine are so short and sparse! Finally, I have a mascara that gives me the confidence to go falsie-free when I want” –Huda Kattan

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara the only 2 in 1 mascara that I ever tried and it includes 2 brushes in 2 different formulas, Curl & Length on one side and Volume on the other side. Huda and her team had created many Double-ended makeup products, from brushes, eyeshadows and now there’s a double-ended mascara. When I first got the mascara I was surprised by its size, it’s much bigger than regular mascaras. Though I shouldn’t be surprised since it includes two Full Size mascaras.

You can use both sides or use each side separately. I wish I saw Huda’ suggestion before I use the mascara, it’s better to use the Volume side first then use “Curl & Length” side for the best result, but I did the opposite; I used the Curl & Length side first. However, this didn’t change the fact that my short straight lashes were looking good; they look fuller, darker and most importantly they look lifted! (See the last picture).

I applied a single coat of both sides on my left eye:

*Ophthalmologically tested *Suitable for contact lens wearers *Suitable for sensitive eyes

I always love how a pair of false lashes can change the whole makeup look from daily to dramatic. Unfortunately, I cannot use falsies daily due to my hooded eyes, “baby lashes” plus my sensitive eyes get irritated easily. I know most women who have straight short lashes can relate that even after our lashes are curled, not too many mascara can hold that curl. Unlike those mascaras, Huda Beauty Legit Lashes mascara is really exceptional, it gives me long-lasting fuller, longer lashes without clumps. Most importantly, it holds my curled lashes very well. This is the mascara I will repurchase for sure, have you tried it? Let me know!

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