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Bye Bye To My Favorite Lip Mask...

"FENTY SKIN Plush Puddin Intensive Recovery Lip Mask With Pomegranate Sterols+Vitamin E. " If I didn’t see the name appeared on Sephora’s page, I wouldn’t believe how long the name actually it. I will refer as FS Lip Mask below. Though I often try new skin care and makeup or things like that, I rarely try any lip mask. So I am pretty excited!

Brand Description:

“ A lip mask with a plush, pudding-like texture that coats lips with supercharged moisture for a smoother, firmer and plumper-looking pout in 1 week.”

First of all, I love the adorable packaging obviously, it’s big enough to not lose it easily, but it’s the good size to put it in my purse. Before I made my purchase, I didn’t see the reviews of complaining how bad the packaging is, something about the product was not easy to come out and too much product come from the dispenser. I didn’t encounter that kind of problem, maybe yet. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the product itself, the formula is thick but not greasy on my lips. It has slightly vanilla-ish scent, and it seems it’s a pink-nude shade but only leaves a beautiful sheen on my lips, which I really love. The moment I put it on my lips, I felt it’s hydrating, and my lips felt relived from dryness instantly.

I know because I tried it during the day so I have to put on a lipstick to see if it’s really working. And it cannot be just any lipstick but a liquid lipstick, and I picked the one with the most dry formula in my collection, MAC liquid lipstick (used be my fave). I would say I only had the lip mask for less than 10 mins, then I wipped it off applied my lipstick, it went on smoothly, and weird thing was it didn’t feel as dry as it used to be!!! So I guess the lip mask worked! I will just have to use it before bed to see how it works overnight, hope it doesn't leave on my pillow or something lol.

I often have chap lips during winter time or depends on the location(Chigago is very dry). However, I still need to use lip balm every day to make my lips look less dry. Yesterday morning I tried the lip mask (wiped off before applying lipstick), and until now I haven’t used any lip balm nor any other lip products, my lips still feel soft and more nourishing this afternoon. Bonus point: you honestly only need a small amount of size, so I figure whether I use it day or night it will last me a while.



*Vegan, cruelty-free

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