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Making Me BLUSH

I actually didn’t know what’s the fuss about the Cover Fx Monochromatic Blush Duo,the only thing I knew was it’s pretty popular and all six shades were out of stock in Sephora. It seems like this time it’s my curiosity got me buying the blush duo. Pink Daliah, such a beautiful name with both matte and shimmer, both color are natural.

Brand Description:

“Consciously formulated without talc for a weightless texture and seamless application, these richly pigmented duos deliver an airy, breathable veil of color. Use the matte and shimmer shades individually or layer them together to customize your finish.”

I absolutely was amazed by how pigmented the matte and shimmer sides are, the matte color picks up easily with my Hakuhodo Yachiyo brush, though the shimmer is a little bit different, it can be a subtle highlighter or a beautiful blush topper. One swipe gives me the desiring flush with natural finish. Using shimmer as a topper adds more fun to my cheeks, I look cheerful! As for longest, both matte and shimmer are long lasting, the matte blush last me about 6 hours while the shimmer last me about 4 to 5 hours.

I honestly can’t leave the house without putting on a blush, I am not saying I can ignore the rest of makeup but blush is essential to me. I love the pink flush on my cheeks even on my bad days; while I am applying the blush I am always smiling, I just look so happy! If eyeshadows are colors an makeup artist adds to the whole makeup, then I think blush is same important only less shades options. I can skip eyeshadows but never a beautiful blush.

*Vegan & cruelty-free


0.51 OZ/14.5 g.

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