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Eyeshadow Palettes For Every Skin Tone

    Huda Beauty never stop surprising us, the Internet is crazy about her new products-NUDE Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, This is the first ever that an eyeshadow palette is created for every skin tone. Brand Description: “Created to suit every skin tone and eye color, each palette contains an incredible shade range: From buttery mattes, super-shimmery shadows and complementary metallic shades, all with smooth and blendable textures.” 




    Since Huda Beauty obsessions eyeshadow palettes were launched, they’ve been so popular that so far there are 18 of them so far.  

    My first impression to these beauties was I love the shade range and the packaging! I posted a short video clip of me swatching the Nude Obsessions Light palette and I got all the positive feedbacks, I think because you can even tell how smooth they apply. As usual I swatched the shimmers first, honestly they won my heart right the way. I was like seriously... the pigmentation is insane!The mattes are also incredible as well, they are creamy and very easy to blend even though there were some noticeable fallout.      I couldn’t think any reason to not recommend these palettes; the price is reasonable, the design is sophisticated, of course I absolutely love these gorgeous colors, the quality is honestly one of the best! On top of that they are portable and travel-friendly is a bonus! I am sorry I know this is kinda late since Huda launched another new big palette already, but I hope you enjoyed the post and hope you bought them during Sephora VIB sale lol ! Thank you for reading!  

Price: $29 Where to get: Sephora, Cult beauty, 

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