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New Obsession: Huda Beauty Life Liner

     It’s kind of a surprise when I found out Huda Beauty is launching not only one new product but THREE new products at once: an eyeliner “Huda Beauty Life Liner”, a makeup remover balm that’s designed to take off Life Liner, and a new false lash named after Huda herself “Hoodie” #23

     “Huda Beauty Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner aka The Lifeproof eyeliner is a dual-ended eyeliner for the makeup addicts and liner lovers.” This eyeliner one side is liquid and the other side is pencil and it claims to be a long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner that is fade-proof, super matte and super black. Huda Beauty Makeup Remover Balm is a creamy cleansing balm that removes the toughest makeup, whether it’s waterproof or oil-based. 

     As I mentioned earlier it’s no surprise how freaking amazing the eyeliner is, first of all, the liner is double-ended won my heart already, then I tried both sides on my sensitive (also I wear contact lenses), it didn’t irritate my eyes but both side goes on pretty smooth without making me cry lol. The liquid liner has a fine tip, and the tip length is pretty easy to control like the discounted NYX liquid eyeliner. The pencil side I think I actually love it even more, it goes on smoothly even on my waterline. I went out for couple hours and it was rainy (Is it meant to be for me to test its lasting power?! Jk… I had my umbrella with me). When I came home it honesly didn’t smudge or fade AT ALL! Normally no matter how good the eyeliner is, my waterline always always smudges first, especially with black eyeliner. At this point I thought that’s it Huda Beauty really impressed me with the liner, nothing can be better than it until I tried remove the liner and my makeup with the Huda Beauty Makeup Remover Balm. Boy, I swear this is the most gentle but has the strongest removing power remover EVER!!! All I did is dab a little balm on my finger and massage on my eyelids, my makeup dissolve almost instantly and I used cotton pad to wipe away my makeup WITHOUT any water, I mean I was supposed to rinse with warm water and then wipe it away, but that remover balm is so darn good you can see from my picture.

      I’ve been using the liner pretty much everyday since I received it, I am obsessed with it! Plus the balm (I haven’t put on the Hoodie False lash yet), hands down the best NEW products in the market atm. However, If I must say something I think may makes Huda Beauty Life Liner imprecation is despite there’s instruction of how to use the liner, it’s still a little bit tricky for me to use it at first. For pencil liner side you are supposed to pull the cap but for the liquid liner side you are supposed to twist it. Sometimes I get confused because I am so used to either pull the cap or twist it as a single product, or maybe I am just too excited to use the liner?! 

     Haven’t you tried the liner? Let me know!

More Info: 

The Life liner $25 

The Remover Balm $12 

Hoodie False Lash $19

Where to get: Sephora,, Cult Beauty 

Thank you for visiting my blog!  

Side Note: Not everyone is an eyeliner expert, even the most skilled makeup artist can’t always do perfect eyeliners. Therefore, what I always do is I usually use an angled brush with dark eyeshadow to “sketch ” first, because believe me fixing liquid eyeliner (especially waterproof ones) after you done with your makeup is PAIN IN THE A$$, and the Life Liner is honestly WATERPROOF! 

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