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Have You Tried Silk False Lashes Before?! (Reviews)

   I believe most of us are familiar with false lashes and types of materials that they were made. To be honest, there aren’t that many options, from what I know either they are fibers or natural hair. However, Huda Beauty just launched A SILK LASH which is absolutely new to me and I am drying to try it on!!

  The Lottie #19 Lash is Huda Beauty and Lottie Tomlinson’s collaboration, and it’s the first false lash of the New Huda Beauty LUXE lash category. 

  Description from the brand: “Bound to a soft, cotton band, the Lottie #19 Lash delivers flexibility and cushion that’s super comfortable for the eyes. The cotton band also helps bind the lash fibers together with a strength that makes them easy to use, and re-use! Made from 100% Korean Silk, the lash fibers offer an intense color pay-off with a slightly glossy finish that’s to absolutely die for.”

Thoughts of the Lottie #19 Lash:

     These are absolutely the lightest wispy false lashes I ever tried!!! I normally go with false lashes with clear band because they are softer compare to black band. Somehow even though this Huda Beauty The Lottie #19 Lash is with black band, it’s not as hard as other false lashes that have black band, especially compare to House Of Lashes. I even have a lightly phobia when I see black band false lashes because 8 out of 10 times they made my sensitive/dry eyes teary. The only downside and it’s just for me, is that my eyes are not that big also they are kinda hooded so this lash shape might not be the best fit for me. The reason why I said might is there’s a way to make them fit me better is just to trim a lash into 3 pieces then the problem is gone. I didn’t do it this time because I was lazy… #guilty… But I tried this method before with other Sephora False Lashes and it worked. I will show you guys how to do it next time! 

  I think the most frequent question as a customer (including myself) may wonder how many times will this pair of silk lashes last? The answer is actually to all false lashes: all depends on how you take care of them(good thing the lashes is comes with  instructions of how to wear and take off of your false lashes), I still have my third pair of Huda Lashes Giselle from couple months, of course I didn’t use them everyday but they last me a good 10-15 times.

     Hope you enjoyed the post and THANK YOU for reading and thank you for helping me achieved 98k followers on my Instagram! 

*FYI, new Huda Beauty false lashes are available now, more collaborations are coming including Huda’ own lash style Hoodie(her nickname). And this isn’t it, so many new stuff she will launch!!! Double-ended eyeliner, makeup remover…etc

Price $24

Avalible at Sephora, and other retailer.

#TheLottie19Lash #HudaBeautyLUXElash