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Top 5 Contouring Products

    The main purpose of contouring is to make your face looks thinner and more sculpted. Even when I don’t highlight my face I would never go out without contouring. Just like picking bronzers I try to avoid any orange-ish undertone, for contouring I am even careful about warm undertones products. Moreover, despite you can use actual contour products or the right shade of crème concealers to contour; I prefer using darker shade of my favorite foundations. When it comes to contouring, whether the product is easy to blend or not is VERY IMPORTANT. You don’t want when you have everything finished and looking great and then the contour messes up your entire makeup. (I cannot count how many times that happened to me before lol )

From L-R:

Maccosmetics Pro Conceal and Correct Palette Medium NW35, $35 (6g) 

Huda Beauty TANTOUR Contour & Bronze Cream Light, $30 (11g)

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick Warm Almond 6.5, $47 (9g)

Huda Beauty The Overachiever Concealer Hazelnut 32G, $30 (10ml)

MUFE Pro Sculpting Face Palette 30, Ombrer Contour, $45 (4x2.5g)

Below pic is the most natural contour I did on myself without any highlighting, just to show you a little contouring product do make a difference:

    I still remember when I was doing my makeup my mom was “observing” next to me, and once I started contouring my face and she said “That’s very interesting, because I wouldn’t put the color on the part of my face.” Of course my mom is new to the whole contouring concept, but after I finished she immediately saw the difference. That’s the power of makeup, and I want the difference.

  Among these five products, MUFE palette, Hudabeauty The Overachiever concealer and Bobbi Brown foundation stick last better than the other two. But Huda Beauty Tantour blends the best! Any contouring products recommendation loves? Let me know!

Thank you for coming to my blog! Planning to write a new makeup review post! Stay tuned!!! 

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