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Making The Broken One More Broken

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! You might be confused with this title( and it’s a bit of harsh) but it’s happening! This btiter sweet post is about my broken makeup and I… To be more specific, my broken highlighter compact from M.A.C Aladdin collection and I... I got the compact during Macys’ 15% sale. I really had no plan to purchase it, but while I was debating Macy’s started the sale, oh well anyway I know I shared one or two posts about how to fix broken makeups before especially highlighters. However, this time the highlighter's formula feels different than others and IT’S COMPLETELY BROKEN into pieces when I received it. Even though after I fix it it's not the same for sure, it’s still functional, and OMG this highlighter is too darn beautiful! 

First of all these are the tools you need: a Spatula, an eyelash combo, cooking butter paper and wipes. (alcohol is optional)

Steps to follow:

1. Making the broken more broken: take all the product out of the compact by using a spetula and put the product on a clean surface like a dry cleaned plate or a stainless surface.

2. Using an eyelash combo to make the broken product into fine pieces (this step takes time, make sure you have plenty time and patience) 

3. Put the broken product back into the compact carefuly and place the butter paper on top and press it evenly

*At this point, alcohol is optional, because it’s all depend on how you pressed the product with the butter paper, I didn’t add alcohol to this compact because I really took my time to press it patiently. 

4. Using wipes to clean the mess, leave it for one night and you are done!

     As a result, I used this highlighter and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I do like experiencing new things so in the process of fixing this highlighter is something I like to do, but it can be frustrating at times. For me I found it has a better result after spray a little Fix+ to the compact(M.A.C Gold Fix is is even better), also the most important one is make sure you play some happy or good vibes music while you are doing things like this! 

Please noted this: you have to sure the highlighter is dry and the butter paper is dry also I left mine overnight on the table and below is the pic I took the next morning:

Thank you for reading! Happy Sunday loves!

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