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Can I Really Have A Waterproof Glow?!

    Happy June loves! Finally feeling like summer now, and when it comes summer time, brands like Huda Beauty knows what we love, so she launched all-over face and body Highlighters-N.Y.M.P.H (Not. Your. Mama's. Panty. Hose)  in three different colors: Luna, Aphrodite and Aurora, plus a Blur & Glow Body Brush that is sold separately. 

Brand Description:

  “ N.Y.M.P.H promises to give you flawless summer skin that feels smooth and hydrated– without streaks or harsh lines. The water-based formula melts seamlessly into the skin to help blur imperfections, leaving you with nothing but a sun-touched shimmer that is both water and transfer resistant. ”

  I was very excited to try these not only because I saw the swatch videoes was viral on instagram but also because how much I love Huda Beauty's 3D highlighter palettes. But I feel there are 5 highlighter palettes already so I won't be able to see the 6th one anytime soon, but luckily Huda came up with an even better idea-liquid highlighters!!!

   First impression: LOVE the packaging because it's not in a glass bottle but a good quality plastic. Talking about that, last week I dropped my Fenty Beauty Body Lava on the ground and it's broken into pieces... just like my heart...So now I just love every non-glasses packaging makeup even though glasses are prettier. Anyhow, I feel these Huda Beauty highlighters are not oil-based nor water-based, because  the texture feels almost a little bit oily but the consistence feels watery. The scent feels like vanilla ice-cream and it lasts quite long, I used the brush to blend the highlighter which makes me feel the brush is truly perfect for these highlighters or any liquid formula makeup.


if you don't blend the highlighter fast enough, it will be very hard to blend evenly on the skin. 

   After I swatched them, I found it's interesting that my favorite shade is actually Aurora which it's suppose for deep skin tone and I am light to light medium skin tone. So far I think these are great products but one thing I am unsure is its longevity I don't know whether I am supposed to wait a little longer for it to be dry or not, because the scent and glow last pretty good but I just don't think these are water resistant nor smudge resistant.

  At the end, it's never boring trying makeup that makes me glow. I can totally see myself wear Luna or Aphrodite to my beach vacation soon (If only I can ever fix the nozzle of Aphrodite). Plus it's not limited to only for the body but for the face, I've seen many MUAs mix these highlighters with foundations (the method I always enjoy to use). And you know what, if I really need to ensure its longevity I might just put the new Huda Beauty setting spray(because I actually tried, the shimmers became more like a sheen but definitely smudge-proof and waterproof!)

Thank You for coming by!

Price: $49

55 ml / 1.85 fl. oz

Other regions except USA: $55

Where to buy:

Sephora, Cult Beauty

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