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Too Faced VS Huda Beauty

Happy Friday loves! And The First Day of 2019, Feb! I am still waiting for the collaboration between Too faced and Huda Beauty, until then this post is the comparison of Tf and HB concealers, Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealers and Huda Beauty Overachiever High Coverage Concealers.

I reviewed Tf BTW super coverage concealers before, and I absolutely love it despite I realized I put the wrong shade on my face for couple times, I still love it.

Too Faced:

$29 15ml/0.50 oz

20 Shades

Brand Description:

" Conceal, contour, highlight, and retouch with this super perfecting, natural finish concealer/makeup hybrid. The ultimate multi-use formula for a modern and hydrated photo-ready complexion. Fully loaded pigments provide maximum coverage with an undetectable finish for a look so flawless they’ll think you were BORN THIS WAY."

*Without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates

Huda Beauty:

$30 10ml/0.34 oz

20 Shades

Brand Description: "A New full coverage creamy concealer, armed with skincare actives and a cooling zamac tip.

Developed with tired eyes and long nights in mind, the formula works to disguise the appearance of dark circles, redness, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and discoloration with a beautiful luminous-matte finish."

Too Faced:

Up pic is before and lower pic is after

Huda Beauty:

left is before and right is after

Both concealers are full coverage and contain amazing ingredients, like there's coconut water in TF super coverage concealers, and there's green tea in Huda Beauty Overachiever concealers. From my swatches, you can tell that Too Faced BTW Super Coverage concealer is more liquefied while Huda Beauty concealer has more matte finish. Though it's quite obvious which one has even fuller coverage, the coverage powder of HB Overachiever Concealer is just outstanding! However, from the application, I do prefer Too Faced better (formula wise), Too Faced BTW concealers feels more moisturized and the formula is not as thick as Huda Beauty Overachiever concealers. They have doe-foot applicators and Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealers have Zantac tips, I really like the cooling feeling it gives me. But the thing is, it seems like I don't know how to master the overachiever's zantac tip, every time when I use it I feel if I don't be careful squeeze the tube, the whole thing might pop out from the tube and be on over on my face.

Needless to say I truly love these both, it’s quite impossible to pick a winner. They are both outstanding concealers, each has its cons. I would choose buy both of them because one for going out and one for using at home also for different makeup looks. HB concealer is easy to carry around and a little goes a long way. Too Faced BTW concealer’s bottle is much bigger than most of concealers, almost equivalent to certain foundation sizes.

Thank you for reading, and It's great that most of schools are closed due to the brutal cold weather here, but this year the winter is definitely dangerous, so please bundle up and keep safe!

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