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The Easiest Way To Apply Eyeshadows!

Happy 2019 Loves!!!

    Last year was a great year, there were so many great products especially at the end of 2018. Like the Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Eyeshadows, they were launched in Dec, 26th but I haven’t got any chance to try them till today! 

Brand description:

" A dual-ended liquid shadow combining a rich, velvety matte formula on one side, and an over-the-top sparkly on the other. Designed to be layered or used on their own, the dual-ended Matte & Metal shadows deliver rich pigmentation, intense shimmer, blendability and longevity – the shadows stay in place for up to 12 hours."

  There are 5 combos in total, since they are dual-ended so there are actually 10 shades. Here are the combos:

Hot Sauce & Cherry Soda

Silk Bomber & Bubblegum

Faux Fur & Bamboo Hoops

Bubble Bath & Pink Champagne

Private Jet & Shimmering Sunset

    Earlier this morning, I started with Private Jet(Warm pink matte) and Shimmering Sunset(Golden peach tone glitter). I swear it took me less than 2 mins to put them on, at least for a simple light look. I didn’t use any brush but only my fingers to blend, My Oh My the result I got was way beyond my expectation! The whole applying process was super smooth. First, I primed my eyes by using M.A.C Soft Ochre paint pot on my eyelid, then applied the matte side on my crease and just blend it. It was super easy to blend, dried down fast and I JUST LOVE THE VELETY finish!!! After that I applied the Shimmer Sunset, it reminds me Stila Liquid Eye Shadow. Both are super fine liquid shimmery eyeshadows, light-weighted but Huda Beauty one applies smoother.   

     Nothing is perfect, and that is OK. The matte shade last a good 8 hours before it started to crease. However, the glitter shade isn't as long-lasting as I thought. I didn't know why, maybe I didn't put enough or I didn't wait till it's dry. Anyway, it still doesn't change how much I like the product, I think its innovative and truly the easiest way to apply eyeshadows. Can't wait to try the rest. What do you think about this Matte & Metal Eyeshadows?

Price: $25

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Thank you for reading! 

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