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Glitter Eyeliner For Everyday

     I am totally a glitter junkie, from crafts glitter in Hobby Lobby to MAC 3D glitter; I haven’t find a single glitter I didn’t like. I’ve had my original Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners for so long, even though I am suppose to discard them a while ago, I just couldn’t. Anyway, since the new version was launched, I haven’t purchased any of them until recently I saw this Starfire Heavy Metal Glitter liner set on Macys. 

   The trio has 3 full sizes UD Heavy Metal liners: Midnight Cowboy and two new shades Starfire and Volume. For those who haven’t tried UD’s Heavy Metal liners, they are water-based liners that contain superfine glitter in a clear base and they are buildable as well. Moreover, they also contain ingredients like peach; cucumber and carrot extract to benefit the skin. 

     First of all, I love the formula; all glitters are mixed very well so they’re not separated from the clear base. For some people, they like to use the liner over eye shadows, but I haven’t tried that method, so I just use them as glitter eyeliners. I absolutely love how they turned out, not only it’s just perfect for the holiday but also for everyday. I simply just used the trio after the black eyeliner just to add a bit of sparkles to my everyday makeup look. Unlike other glitter liners, UD Heavy Metals liners apply smoothly and give me glittery look without causing any mess. However, friendly advice: do not blink or close your eyes until it’s dry or it will be messy! These liners are 100% smudge-proof but not waterproof, I was hoping they can be waterproof but at the same time I also understand how some waterproof liners can harm my sensitive eyes.  

   Without a doubt, this set is worth every penny, and right now Macys’ having  Friends&Family sales, so the price is dropped to $33.15 for the set and a single UD Heavy Metal liner costs $20. This can just be a little treat for yourself to try the new colors or it makes the perfect holiday gifts for any makeup junkie! (I just ordered two more to stuff the stockings!)

   AND I am in to Dubai for couple more days, I truly appreciate the weather here, it's just so pleasant! Thank you for reading and Happy Friday loves!!!  (Friendly advice: do not blink or close your eye until it’s dried, otherwise it will be everywhere... not in a good way lol)

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