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A $178 Powder Brush Review!

  “ From its humble beginning of creating paint brushes for doll manufacturers, the Kumano, Japan–based Chikuhodo has built a reputation as one of the most respected makeup brush makers in the world. Every single brush is handmade over the course of a week, passing through more than 100 artisans and 60 steps. The result: the softest brushes your skin has ever felt, which are also expertly designed to make your favorite products work even better.”


  As crazy as it sounds, there's a powder brush that costs more than a pair of customized Nike shoes, this CHIKUHODO Makie Series MK-2 Powder Brush is $178 


   Us makeup brush junkies pretty much know the most famous brushes brands in Japan( probably in the whole world) are Hakuhudo and Chikuhodo. I visited both brands’ stores in Japan. And from what I know, Hakuhodo used to be the maker of Maccosmetics brushes and maybe still is Moreover, designer brands like Tom ford, its makeup brushes are all made in Japan as well. 

   Let's be honest here, how many people are willing to spend $178 on a brush?! Well, not me!!! Even though the design on the handle is hard to resist, I still wouldn't spend that much of money on a brush when I can buy a pair of Nike shoes or pay for my text books lol. Well couple weeks months ago, I received this MK-2 Powder brush with my names on as a gift, I guess I've been really good this year, so "My Santa" aka my BF gifted me my very first Chikuhodo brushe yet the most expensive one.

     By only looking at the picture online, I thought the brush would be quite heavy, but I was wrong; It’s surprisingly light, and the handle feels hollow so I guess it is not made of wood. Once I start to use it, OMG, there’s no word to describe how soft the bristles are, every time when I sweep it on my face it literally puts me into a sleepy mode.

    Without a doubt, this is the best and softest and the prettiest powder brush I own. The only thing bothers me is whether the brush or the brand is cruelty-free or not. Waynee Goss makeup brushes are handcrafted in Japan, though the brushes have natural hair bristles mostly, the brand claimed to be cruelty-free. So it’s pretty unclear and confused, but I really really hope no animals were hurt during the makeup process. 

Where to purchase.

 Thank you for reading! Happy Sunday! 

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