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Can I Fix This Broken Palette Without Alcohol?

     It's always heartbreaking to see any pretty makeup broken into pieces, especially powdery makeup like eyeshadows. But at least there're couple ways to fix some them, I've already tried the most common way using M.A.C Fix+ or alcohol. However, I recently saw some videos of fixing a broken highlighter palette without neither Fix plus nor alcohol, and I just want to do the experiment to my Huda Beauty Precious Stone Plattes, yes unfortunately plural. 

     The one damaged the most is this Emerald palette, so I started with it first. According to the tutorial, tools you need are a specular, a cooking butter sheet and an eyelash combo. The first step seems to destroy the broken ones even more, that is using an eyelash combo to make the shimmers into small fragments. Then using a specular to smooth the surface and press the product with a butter sheet on top gently and evenly.

     I followed the tutorial step by step and as a result, IT DOESN’T WORK, at least for the shimmers. I still needed fix them with a bit of alcohol, but I have to admit all the three tools were very helpful, especially the butter sheets, it prevents any mess on my fingers. From this experice, I honestly found out the whole fix a broken shimmer makeup product process requires lots of patience, and that’s not something a tutorial would show. Boy I just wish there’s a magic drop that can fix any broken makeups, and if there really is one it would be sold out instantly.  

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

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