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These Two Makeup Brushes Are Too Pretty To Use


“ The legendary patisserie / salon de thé founded in Paris, 1862, enchanting women all over the world with its "edible jewelry". Ladurée has to this day continued to create not only innovative sweets but also a new culture as one of the greatest patisseries in Paris. Ladurée has been representing the French “art de vivre” based on the philosophy, “what is really beautiful can intrinsically enchant women by exciting their five senses in an overwhelming manner.” The cosmetics developed under the name of Ladurée therefore also symbolize the essence of the French history and esprit. ”

     These two stunning brushes are Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Cheek Brush and Powder blush Cheek Brush, and the Cheek Brush is their best-selling makeup brush because people use it with their iconic rose patel blush. I don’t see colored makeup brushes bristles often but these two,  one is faded pink bristles and the other one is faded baby blue bristles. The Powder Brush has a slightly angled brush top which is perfect as a contour, highlighter and blush brush.

     I pay lots of attention on details; by looking at the carvings on the ivory handle I feel these brushes are truly artistic. I am very surprised this brand is available in Paris, and major big cities in Japan but isn’t available in the US; because I know many makeup junkies would love to purchase them. 

     While I was in a mall in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  The counter attracted me instantly, especially those brushes looked so gorgeous in the matching style brush holder. I was just looking at those, and then there was the nicest girl who worked there and offered to do a free makeup for me. Gosh I just love shopping in Japan, lol. That being said, I wish she didn’t do a full makeup look for me though, because I ended up buying everything she used on my face.  

     Even though the amount of money I spent on these are quite a lot, no regrets at all. Without any doubt, I am a 100% good looking makeup brushes junkie. But I also love beautiful makeup brushes that are practical. After I used these brushes couple times, both work very well with cream and powder formulas. I especially love the powder brush, it follows the contours and cheeks beautifully.

     Moreover, even when there’re days you don’t use them, just put them as part of home décor, they will brighten up the whole room. 

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You can purchase them on below Websites:

1. Amazon

2. (I’ve purchased coupe times from the site, they ship from Japan directly through EMS) 

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