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The Most Interesting Cleanser!

    “Suisai Beauty Clear Powder face wash is catching the eye of the worldwide audience with an enzyme-activated formula that whisks away impurities and unclogs pores as it protects the skin’s natural moisture. A popular choice for tourists who desire the Japanese secret to even, finely textured skin. “      Kanedo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder is an enzyme-actived powder cleanser. This cleanser has been the most well-known and popular drugstore cleanser since the first time I visited Japan, and it was couple years ago. Almost every drug store in Tokyo sell it and they are always displayed at the most obvious spot.      I’ve never tried this product till I forgot to pack my cleanser on my latest trip to Japan visiting my brother. It’s just the first thing I saw in the store( well except all the yummy snacks lol). The cleanser contains 15 or 32 pieces and it’s in a baby blue plastic capsule individually. Each capsule contains 0.4g of clear powder. Thanks to the similarity between Chinese and Japanese, I was able to understand some words were written on the packaging. It says this enzyme powder face wash helps clear out impurities, clogged pores also blackheads, meanwhile it’s free of fragrance and artificial colorants. I am pretty sure there are more benefits, but these sound good enough for me already.

     Once I poured it all out from a capsul I realized 0.4g powder product is a lot. I put the powder in my palm and added a little water; the powder dissolved and become milky cream like. And it smells like some kind of soymilk thing, it feels clean. I’ve been use the cleanser nearly everyday since I came back from Japan, and I know I am supposed to use up each capsule at once, however I think half of it is enough.      I have to admit, this cleanser is pretty amazing! It cleans my face quite nice while skin feel comfortable afterwards. I noticed my face becomes soft after I used the cleanser, but my skin does feel dry when I don’t put any follow-up skincare products right the way. Couple washes won’t help any clogged pores nor blackheads, but it has amazing cleansing power and I believe if I use it continuously, any impurities on my face will be disappeared, I really think so.      To sum up, I love the idea of the cleanser is in individual capsule; each capsule is lightweight so it’s super travel-friendly. It’s just fit in any gym bags or any purses perfectly. Plus let’s be honest, cleanser is such an important skin care step. Especially after a long day, whether you wear makeup or not it cleans your face and removes everything, sometimes it even takes the stress away.

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