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Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer Review

Can’t believe it’s September already! Not sure the exact day of the first day of fall, but one thing I am sure is I need new makeup and skincare products! Every year before weather gets cold (fall in Chicago literally is the shortest!) I switch my skincare and makeup products. I’ve been hearing lots of positive comments about this Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer for quite a while. I finally got the chance to try it along with the finishing spray (will have a separate review soon).

“Our replenishing face primer is your instant cure. It hydrates, smooths and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish”

-Too Faced

This primer is infused with coconut water and smells lovely, I found the smell is pretty relaxing, like fresh coconut. Honestly, I think any makeup has coconut inside just gives me a good impression right the way. This primer is different than what I thought; the consistency is not thick at all, a little bit watery. It goes on my face smoothly and absorbs fast. Due to jetlag, I’ve been sleeping poorly, so during these days my skin is sensitive and stressed. Thanks to it's Silicon-free, I don't need to worry about breakouts. I used the primer this morning; it just hydrated my skin instantly and left me a dewy finish. I was a little surprised because I didn't know this primer can actually makes my foundation goes on better.

I know this hangover primer is not an actual cure for hangover, well is there any lol? But this primer definitely helps tired looking faces. The key is moisturizing the skin so skin looks radiant. I wonder whether I can use it as a moisturizer or not, because I am juts in love with it. I think it will be amazing if Too faced creates a skincare line focus on the hangover collection in the future! Maybe even a hangover emergency kit to save my tired looking days.

*Thank You Too Faced for the gifts, reviews are honest as always.


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