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Are you ready for Huda Beauty Demi Mattes?! (Swatches Part 1)

     Just when you thought matte and semi-matte are only liquid lipstick formulas we need, here comes the Demi Matte-A new lipstick formula created by Huda Beauty. 


“ Huda Beauty Demi Matte is a bold Cream Lipstick showcasing a full spectrum of ultra-feminine colors to complement every one of your alter egos. “ 

     I was super excited to try these cream lipsticks. Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes are already the best formula in the market, can’t image there‘s actually a new formula that is the perfect balance between a matte and glossy finish. It’s like a treat for all  lipsticks junkies such as myself!!! I’ve watched Huda’s video that shows the formula they used in their Demi Mattes, it looks super creamy yet pigmented enough to have intense colors. 

     Moreover, the awesome thing about this whole colletion is that it has 15 shades in total and each shade is named after a powerful personality; Such as SheEO, Lady boss, Sheikha, Feminist and so on. From nudes, pinks to berry tones. 

     I saw swatches on the Internet and I agree with some people who said the color in reality looks different than swatches. So here I use Feminist along with Bombshell lip contour as an example just to show the different lighting results different swatches. As I mentioned on my instgram couple days ago, one thing I adore these Demi Mattes is  you can blot off the excess to have a matte almost stain finish. I tried this method, the outcome is more beautiful than I expected. (Pics will be updated)

     Overall, these Demi Mattes are incredible. With just one swipe on my lips, it gives me full coverage, intense color. Worth to mention that these lipsticks are formulated with a bit of menthol, which gives a cooling sensation and makes the lips looking plumper temporarily. Personally I don't think there’s any reason to compare these with the lasting power of matte liquid lipsticks. One is cream lipstick with almost stain finish while the other is with matte finish. (I only swatched 8 colors below, will swatch the rest once I get the chance.) 

  If you have any question feel free to let me know, and if you want to try these out don’t forget to grab them during the Sephora insider sale! 

First Row From L-R: Feminist, Mogul,Revolutionnaire and Sheikha

Second Row From L-R: SheEO, Day slayer, SHEro and Provocateur.

Feminist and Bombshell (Huda Beauty lip contour ) under natural daylight:

Feminist (without camera flash and with  camera flash):


100% my own opinions as always.


 (*See more swatches on different skin tones at ).

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