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Can This Be My Holy Grail Concealer?!

     For me, a perfect base without a right concealer is like an iced coffee without 2% milk (plus 2 pumps of caramel sauce lol); it gives me what I need but the plain taste makes me feel it needs something to perfect it. 

     In case you haven’t heard about the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-use Scuplting Concealers(aka Super Coverage concealers), they are new members to Tf Born This Way Family. These oil-free concealers are designed to conceal, contour, highlight and retouch. The whole collection comes with 20 shades, amen to that! I am wearing Light Beige as my conceal shade, Nude as my highlight shade and Butterscotch as my contour shade. 

    To test this concealer’s true ability, I didn’t put my eye cream nor foundation on my under-eyes area. However, keep this in mind: without a proper prep before putting any makeup on your face is not the right way.

    First of all, the concealer isn't any typical concealer size (you can see my size comparison pic below), it’s almost as the same size as some of my foundation bottles). Secondly, I REALLY LOVEEEE its applicator. The doe foot applicator is diamond-shaped and I just love how I can control it easily. For a full coverage concealer it’s pretty light and it stays hydrating throughout the day. While I was blending it by using a brush, I can tell the consistency is not thick not all and blends seamlessly. I think it’s safe to say that the concealer is good for contouring and highlighting. In my picture, I indented just put a small amount of the product, and the coverage is outstanding! Whether it's for my discoloration or blemish or my highlight, it just can’t be more perfect!

     The most important thing about concealers especially for undereyes is IT SHOULDN’T CREASE, no one wants a concealer that creases. So thanks God this concealer doesn’t crease. After wearing this concealer for 8+ hours, I have to admit I haven’t tried any multi-use concealer can be as perfect as this Tf Born This way Super coverage concealer; I’ve tried many conclears in the past and some claims to be this perfect but they are not even close to these Tf ones. To answer my own question, the Tf Super Coverage concealer truly just becomes my holy grail concealer!

Size Comparison:

Before and After a small amount of the concealer: 

*non-comedogenic formula

Price: $22 

15 mL/ 0.50 Fl. Oz

Where to purchase:




Thank you for coming by and Thank you for Too Faced for gifting me these concealers.

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