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A Refillable $65 Lipstick Review

I have my eye on Clé de Peau Beauté’s extra rich lipsticks for a long time; I actually l don’t know why it takes me this long to purchase any. $65 for a lipstick sounds insane, but for the brand, it makes a little more sense because CPB is just one of the most luxury brands, everything from it is pretty pricy. In fact, I reviewed its $95 highlighter not long ago. Therefore I do have high hopes on its lipsticks, also because I spent $130 for two sets (lipstick refill and lipstick hold are sold separately, $40 for a refill and $25 for its lipstick hold).

Brand Description:

“An elegant moisturizing lipstick that reflects the exquisite beauty of a rose. Infuses lips with luxurious color, texture, and skincare effects for a look of radiance like never before.”

Unlike Louboutin lipsticks, this CPB lipstick feels pretty light, even after you put the refill in, it’s still lightweight. Before I applying the lipstick I had a mix feeling about the multi-dimensional design; one hand I was thinking what a beautiful design and on the other hand I was like how should I apply it. The lipstick shape is definitely new to me. I started outlining my lips by using the edge of the lipstick, OMG who would thought that sort of angled corner performed as a lip liner?!?! Honestly, it’s the easiest and smoothest lipstick application I’ve ever had.

It seems like my standard of a good lipstick became whether I need to use a lip liner to perfect my lips or not lol. Overall, I am impressed with this Cle de Peau Beauté extra rich lipstick velvet. The color I picked is 305, its a stunning plum color has slightly pink shimmers. I love its velvet finish almost like a stain. My lips are dry as usual and I haven’t use any lip scrub lately (guilty…), but this lipstick is very hydrating yet one layer gives me a good coverage. Though I would love a longer staying power, this lipstick is easy to carry around and can be re-applied easily.

Last but not least, it’s not common to see a refillable lipstick in most brands in America. However, for Japanese brands, it’s pretty common to have refillable makeup products, that includes powder/cream foundation, lipsticks, blushes, face powder and others. I think for this reason, I just adore J-beauty. I am fond of the idea of refillable lipstick, especially with an elegant lipstick holder like this one, it's good for environment as well. So why not loving makeup and loving our environment at the same time, right!?

*Due to lightning effect, color appears dark in person

After 5-6 hours:

Case $25, Refill $40

Where to purchase:

Thank you for reading! Happy Monday !

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