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MAC Fix+ Goldlite & Pinklite Review

     Among the whole MAC Strobe Collection, I am so happy that Whisper of Gold will be permanent, thanks for listening to us MAC! However, I think Fix+ Shimmer in Goldlite and Pinklite are the most exciting items that we all want to try. MAC Fix Plus is my favorite makeup spray already and now there’s Fix+ Shimmer!!! Not only it has all the benefits of the original Fix+ but also it is infused with pearlescent particles!!! Plus it comes with two shades: Goldlite and Pinklite. Without thinking twice I purchased both.

     I can tell MAC put lots of effort in them; by looking at the box to the bottle everything matches its name perfectly. They are also kind of interesting, there’s a silver ball in each bottle, and you have to shake it in order to use the spray properly. Without shaking it, all you see is just a bottle clear water with particles sink in the bottom. 

     It seems like Pinklite has much less particles in comparison with the Goldlite, whether it’s in person or in photos. I tried both of them on my bare skin also as a finishing spray after I done my makeup. As a result, Goldlite gave me that glowy look I desired while Pinklite did nothing but hydrating. I gave Pinklite another try the other day, still it disappointed me and I wish I’d bought two Goldlite instead of each one of them. 

     On the bright side, once you opened these two, they’ll last long as 24 months! That’s 2 whole years you have to finish the bottle, even though I didn’t like Pinklite, I can use it to intensify my eyeshadow or any pigments, so for me it’s not a waste of money. I am still glad I tried both of them. And believe me, Goldlite would look gorgeous in every skin tone!

It looks much better in person especially with natural lights:

For All Skin Types

*Ophthalmologist tested

*Dermatologist tested



3.4 oZ

Where to purchase:

Thank you for reading! 

Happy Friday! 

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