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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette?!

Yay for me! Finally I can review this Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette; it took me FOREVER to receive mine, because I ordered it from Sephora and while my order was processing, the palette was out of stock.( it’s still out of stock... actually). Good thing I called Sephora customer service and I made sure I would get the palette.

It honestly has the best packaging ever!!! The rose gold theme got my heart already plus with Huda among all those gorgeous roses on the cover I could care less about what are inside. Just kidding, of course I care the shadows inside, it’s $65 plus all the waiting after all. The palette has 16 shades in total: 8 mattes, 8 “melted metal” shadows, 1wet&dry black shadow and 1 pressed pearls shadow.

In general, this is a gorgeous palette with lots of hard work you can feel that from the whole product, especially the packaging and color arrange. These eye shadows blend easily and very pigmented. I know there have been many negative comments on the launch of this palette, but honestly no one force anyone to purchase it, plus I can name a few designer brands launched the exactly same products with different packagings. Well, that’s frustrating. I know I absolutely love Huda Beauty also as a customer in my opinion, I love this palette' shimmer shades much more than the original one palette, yes I do think there are two shades (manester and Demure) in this palette could be way better, they are not patchy only when I use the shadows wet. However for me it's ok to have a few shadows in a big palette like this don’t work as the rest, I will never be able use more than 5 shades at once on my eyes anyway. Nothing is perfect! That being said, at the end of day I still enjoy this Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette on my vanity.

Trust fund, Fling and Dubai:

24K, Pink diamond and Rose gold:

Bubbly, Moon dust and #Blessed:

All non-matte shadows swatches:

(From L-R)

Bubbly, Moon dust, #Blessed, 24K, Pink diamond, Rose gold, Trust fund, Fling and Dubai.

Demure, Doll face and Risqué:

Coco, Suede and Black truffle:

Sandalwood, Henna and Maneater:

All matte shadows swatches:

(From L-R)

Sandalwood, Henna, Maneater, Coco, Suede, Black truffle, Demure, Doll face and Risqué.


The Reason why Huda Beauty launched the palette is HERE .


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