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Is this $42 Glittering Pom Pom Worth the $$$?

     As a makeup junkie, it’s hard to resist buying new makeup products. Though I am better than I used to be, my curiosity made me bought this $42 Glittering Pom Pom by Fenty Beauty after all.

Brand Description:

“A limited-edition oversized glittering puff pre-packed with superfine 3D rose gold shimmer, designed for dabbing directly all over the body.”

    My first impression was this oversized pom pom is so fluffy and soft!!! Once I took it out from the box I smelled something like vanilla. ROSÉ ON ICE in the only color that came with and its instruction is pretty simple “just dab and glow”. 


    Well, I did dab it on my collarbones couple times but I haven’t seen any glow whatsoever. There were some shimmers but I don’t think that’s the glow I was expecting. I wonder whether I used it in the right way or not, but honestly there’s only one way to use... 

     Some people might think this is an innovative product. But once I saw it in person it kinda reminded me the fluffy “magic puff wand” by Anna Sui that’s pre-packed with shimmer as well. I bought it couple years ago, it’s  a limited edition product and has a rose scent. Maybe next time I will compare them then, just for fun.

    To sum up, I enjoyed the experience of using this Fairy Bomb but the product itself not too much. And at this price point, I really thought it woud be something special. Moreover, after reading the label on the box, basically only the shimmer is made in Canada, and the rest is made in China. So I searched online and found out I can buy a puff ball for less than $3 from China on Ebay and a pack of fine shimmer for $5 or less. I wonder how much I actually paid for the product itself. On the bright side, it looks cute in my vanity.

     What do you think about this Pom Pom? Would you spend $42 on it? EID Mubarak to those who celebrate. And thank you for reading! 

0.25 oz/7g


*Without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. 

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