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Japanese Acne Care Cream Review (Before and After)

     Occasionally I have pimples on my chin and forehead. And funny enough though I don’t normally have them, once they occur, it’s always happening before some important events like my graduation.

     Many things can trigger pimples. For example, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and others. I don’t know why this time I have a pimple on my chin and it hurts me a little when I touch it (I really shouldn’t touch it, bacteria on my hands can make it worse). Well, on the bright side I got to try this Acne Care Cream I bought from Japan lol. Most of the times the proper way to take care of pimples is you should keep it clean first and then use a treatment that can reduce excess oils and kill bacteria.

     Though I have faith on almost everything that are made in Japan, I didn’t expect any miracles. I just hope the pimple wouldn't become bigger the next morning when I wake up, especially this acne care product is a cream and it feels moisturizing.

     After I cleaned my face I put a small amount of it on the pimple before putting any other skin care. It was about 10:30 pm, I had the time wrote down for review purpose. The next day morning I woke up took the “After” picture right way. 

Before and after: 

     As a result, the pimple before this cream, it looks like it had a little infection. About 8 hours later, you can see the infected area looks better, the yellowish thing disappeared and the redness around the pimple reduced. 

     Every summer when I go to Japan, drugstores are my must-visit! I always find makeup and skincare that are beyond my expectation, like this acne cream. Can't wait to go to there again! 

  Thank you for reading! And happy Memorial Day Weekend! If you have any acne care recommendation, let me know!



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