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The Most Expensive Concealer I Bought

Happy Monday loves! 

     Last week I shared my review of the most expensive highlighter from Cle De Peau Beauté with you. Today I will review the award winner yet very pricy product from this brand too-the Cle De Peau Beauté Concealer, a $70 concealer!!! From what I know the one I have is one of their original ones, but now all of them are formulated with SPF 25 sunscreen.

     I bought it from Neiman Marcus, and this time I tried it on the counter. I fell in love with it instantly. People love using foundation or concealer in solid often find they tend to make fine lines more visible due to the dryness. However, this one isn't like that at all. Not only it’s very creamy and easy to blend but it also covers my dark circles and fine lines pretty good. When I said “easy to blend” here, I meant I didn’t need to warm the product up by using my fingertips or anything, considering the cold temperature here it’s just amazing to me. There are 6 color in total, the one I got is in "Almond". I have to mention that this concealer contains some amazing ingredients, such as chestnut rosa fruit exact and green tea exact, and I know both of them have a good amount of antioxidants.

     Overall, the CPB concealer is superb; it's full coverage, lightweight and easy to blend. I am actually considering to purchase another one in one or two shades lighter to highlight my under eye area. No bias, but I do prefer using concealer or foundation sticks, It's just very easy to apply whether it's to highlight or contour. On the other hand, there are many amazing concealers with much cheaper price, like MAC pro concealer, Dior Star concealer, Nars concealer. Maybe next time I will write a concealer comparison post. 

    Don't forget to let me know if you have any questions, and what you think about this concealer.



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