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Can This Brush Replace My Beauty Blender?!

Good morning and happy hump day loves!! I saw many brands just launched their spring collection, some even already started to plan their summer collection, like Kylie. Meanwhile I can’t believe it still feels like winter in Chi-town, no sign of spring or whatsoever. Even so makeup can still bring me joys, and today I will review a brush that might get to replace my beauty blender, that is the Crystal Polish Foundation Brush by Jill Stuart Beauty aka the “Diamond-shaped foundation brush.”

I've seen a diamond-shaped sponge before, but not a diamond-shaped brush. Words just can’t express how excited I am to try this brush. I believe by using a great and right makeup brush can help you to get the best use of your makeup. This foundation brush is made of synthetic fibers and the whole packaging looks so elegant, it even comes with a pouch!

Finally, a foundation brush is not only gorgeous but also the most practical one. I feel this brush maximized the coverage of the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation(what I used to test this brush with). I began with my left face, I used as its instruction I put the foundation on the brush first, it didn’t work out that well because how much product got wasted on the brush. So on my right face I put the foundation first then buffed it out. Oh My Oh, it's unbelievably soft against my skin, and honestly unless you try it in person otherwise you have no idea how perfect it blends my foundation. Thanks to its unique shape I was able to reach small areas on my face by just using this one brush. Each angle of this brush is suitable for different areas, like the corners of the brush are just perfect for the small areas around my nose and under my eyes!

As a result and to answer my own question, I think this brush just became my new absolutely favorite! It’s almost perfect!!! I will definitely use it for my foundation instead of my beauty blender now on. However, I think I still need a beauty blender for my blush, highlighter or “baking” my under eyes area. Maybe in the future JS Beauty will bring us some smaller diamond-shaped brushes? Well, that's the hope anyway!

What do you think about this brush? Do you want to try it? Let me know!

Unfortunately Jill Stuart Cosmetics are not available in The States. I got mine while I was in Japan.

Thank you so much for reading!


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