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Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour In The One And Only "CoCo"

      Good Morning loves! 

      Today I will review and swatch a lipstick by Chanel from its Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour.

     According to its website, it says the whole collection is in a new formula, ingredients include jojoba, Mimosa butters, sunflower wax and silicone (for lasting hydration). The hydration part sounds amazing to me and I love the lipstick shades in this collection are named after Coco Chanel’s closet friends, lovers and artists who inspired her.

     #416 Coco is a gorgeous coral with slightly pinkish-red undertone. I applied it directly on my lips without any concealer (Maybe I should’ve done it). This lipstick is very comfortable to wear, and my lips stay hydrated the whole time. After I drank a cup of coffee I though the color would be gone, but the color remained pretty good.

*Above pictures were taken without camera flash.

     Unfortunately I broke most of my Chanel lipsticks’ top… I really do not know how did that happen so many times, and I only have this problem with Chanel lipsticks, it makes me wonder whether it’s just because of me or maybe their lipsticks have some sort of designing problems.

     I actually didn’t try any in person, just ordered couple things from its website, so this time is my first time use it. When I put two layers on, I was not happy to see how it looks on me, however, after couple hours I took a picture by my phone, not gonna lie I really love it!!! Not only my lips feel smooth but also the color looks flattering, I think is because the orange faded a little and the color became a true beautiful coral. This collection reminds me The Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks collection, but personally I prefer this one, the color range and formula are definitely better. What do you think loves?

Price: $37


Where to get:

3. Nordstrom


and many other retailers.

     Thank you for coming by!


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