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Omg, This Highlighter Cost Me $95!!!

     "This exquisite highlighting powder uses innovative light-diffusing technology to define contours and illuminate your complexion."

                                                           -Clé de Peau Beauté, Neiman Marcus.

     Yes loves, the most expensive single highlighter exists, Clé de Peau Beauté Luminizing Face Enhancer. This highlighter costs more than Tom Ford skin illuminating powder duo that is $82. This one cost me more than $95($95 without taxes)!!!

     First of all, let’s talk about the brand first. This luxurious brand is from Japan under Shiseido Cosmetics and is well known in most of Asia countries. Everything from CPB is very pricy; I tried its makeup remover sample before, it’s exceptional. However, I didn't purchase this product out of curiosity nor because many MUAs recommended, it was actually because its packaging attracted me while I was shopping around in Neiman Marcus. I don’t even remember whether I tried it on the counter or not. For this highlighter, I was thinking this highlighter might be infused with some diamond powders, at least that was what I was hoping for. Otherwise it better has something good that my money was not a waste then!

     Anyway, the CPB Luminizing Face Enhancer includes a case and a brush, and refills are sold separately. There are 5 colors in total: 11 Pastel, 14 Soft Pink, 15 Golden Apricot, 16 Almond and 17(no names can be found on the website, this shade is relatively new). The one I bought is 11 Pastel. For some reasons, I didn’t expect any intense highlight effect, however, that first swipe on my cheek really impressed me!!! I used the brush that came with this highlighter; I honestly swirled on the powder lightly, and then swiped on my cheek. Only two swipes and it gave me a gorgeous glow instantly!!! 

     The only downside about this highlighter so far is though it did come with a pouch that you can protect the product' surface, still it can get scratches easily!

     Overall, I absolutely loved this CPB Luminizing Face Enhancer. It wasn’t a waste of money that’s for sure. I know there are tons of great highlighters with much reasonable prices. But I am glad I have the chance to try this amazing luxury highlighter, it brightens up my whole highlighter collection! Any thoughts about it? Let me know!!!



Refill $55

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