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Hooray! The Perfect False Lashes.

     It's official!!!

     After tried pairs and pairs of false lashes I FINALLY found the perfect one for me. That is the "Giselle" lashes from Huda Beauty. The struggle of hooded eyes to find the right pair of false lashes only people who has this type of eyes can understand. It's not a secret that I adore Huda Beauty, but I have to be honest among all the false lashes in the market, my favorite ones are all from House of Lashes.  However, I think it changes today!

    Though many people know Huda because of her lip products and eye shadow palettes, but false lashes were where she started all. The lashes are handcrafted and made out of synthetic and natural fiber. I still remember the first pair false lashes I bought were #7 Samantha from Huda Beauty back to 2013(or 2014). 

     I actually don't know why it took me so long to try "Giselle". *Fact: Giselle was named after Huda's daughter Nour, isn't it sweet?!

 Before and After applying "Giselle" :

     Whenever I try a new pair of false lashes I have to trim them (a lot lol) and soften the band, it actually can take me a while till they fit on my eyelids. However for this pair, I can't believe how quick it took me to put them on and I didn't even need to trim them at all. Unlike certain false lashes you have to wear makeup to "match" them. But for "Giselle", because how natural and light volume they are, so whether with or without makeup you can still wear them. So it's perfect for everyday.

     Though these are bit pricy. But if you take a good care of these lashes, you can wear them up to 20 times! I do have other false lashes but I think I will wait for the Sephora sale to stock up more Huda Beauty lashes.  That's being said, Giselle not is only Huda's #1, but became mine #1 as well.

      Thank you for reading. Let me know what do you think about them? And what's your favorite false lashes brand?

More Info:

*cruelty free

Hair Length: 0.5 to 1.2cm Band length: 3cm Band thickness: 0.3mm



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