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Happy Tuesday loves!!

I already can't live without Fenty Beauty's foundation. This time it's time to try new things from Fenty Beauty. MATCH STIX are skinsticks that can be used to conceal, contour and highlight. Like its foundation you can pick your undertones then have the right color (hopefully). There are cool, natural and warm undertones. I bought mine from Fenty Beauty's website. Custom Match Stix Trio only available on their site, so I picked three color: French Vanilla (conceal), Yacht Lyee (highlight) and Mocha (contour) and bought them for $54 ($25 sold individually).

I was kind of doubted about those matte sticks. For contouring I am ok with matte formula, but for concealer I would be more comfortable to conceal my flaws if they were in liquid or cream formula especially for my under-eyes.

From L-RL: Portable Brush 150, French Vanilla (warm), Yacht Lyee: glimmering peach-pink, Mocha (Neutral):

Unfortunately, I am unpleased this conceal matte stick; its formula is just not for me. It was hard to blend and didn't set on my skin; it only made my black circles look worse. I couldn't even continue concealing my under eyes, in my picture above I actually used Nars concealer. I had high hope for this product so I even tried using it to highlight my forehead, it disappointed once again. It amplified my pores and dry patches appeared.

On the positive side, I love the highlight and contour sticks. Especially Yacht Lyee, it is such a beautiful rose gold color. It reminded me “Organism” by Nars. And the best way to apply Yacht Lyee is to use your fingers, so the body temperature soften it and makes easier while applying. I wonder whether the contour sticks and conceal sticks have the same formula or not, because “Mocha” was very easy to blend and I love how it turned out on my cheek.

Overall, I think I love the packaging and the design more than the actual product itself. Their packagings are sleek and gorgeous, plus it's great that at all Match Stix including their portable brushes are magnetized. I think I will buy more shimmer shades in the future. Have you tried these? Let me know!!

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*Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free

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