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Is this a must-have eye shadow palette of 2017?

I saw this eye shadow palette almost everywhere on Instagram, it might also be the prettiest eye shadow palette I've seen so far. So many people were waiting for this palette to be launched that includes me! I am glad I got it and be able to share my review and swatches with you all!

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette includes 18 shades; 8 "creamy mattes", 6 “shimmering pearls,” 3 “duo-chrome toppers,” and 1 "dazzling glitter". I saw Huda' Snapchat when she was shooting in the desert, of course at that time I didn't know that shooting was for Desert Dusk Palette. Maybe this palette was inspired by the Arabian Desert.

First impression: the packaging is so outstanding; this is one of those makeup products that you want to keep the box. As usual, Huda is on her own products' cover, it's just amazing!

The first color I dipped my finger into was Cosmo (I didn't know this shade was pure glitter), it's a very fine glitter that actually reminds me of my favorite glitter brand "LIT Cosmetics". On their website, it suggests use a flat brush with stiff bristles to apply the pure glitter. I will try that, also try to use it as my eyeliner tomorrow.

I saw quite people complaint about the Rose Gold Palette, the biggest problem was there were lots of fallout and some matte shades have poor color payoff (for me, I only found problem with a few shades in at palette). I think somehow Huda listened to those people and made a big improvement on this palette. All matte eye shadows are very creamy and easy to apply but with minor fallouts, except for Oud and Amber. For couple shades in this palette, if you use a finger like I did carelessly, it will become messy near the pan. However, for duo-chrome toppers, I prefer using my fingers just dab it on my lid.

One thing I have to mention is that the shade/name "Angelic" was also appeared in Huda Beauty's previous eye shadow palette -The Rose Gold Palette, as well as her lip strobe collection. It's such a stunning rose gold color. Personally, I just love all pretty rose gold makeup.

Normally, when an eye shadow palette has purple toned color inside I would stay away (as far as I can lol). However, I think exactly because this palette has purple shades that's why it is different and special than other similar shades eye shadow palettes. So when my friends ask me which palette to purchase, I just recommend this one to them. After trying this palette for couple times, I think it is a must-have eye shadow palette of this year. Have you tried it and what do you think?



$68 for non-US residents at their site.

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Sephora US


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