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Next To Nothing Face Colour Review

Hi loves,

Today I will review MAC Next to nothing face colour in Medium.

Next to nothing face colour is described a sheer tinted cream, and it can be used under or over foundation. Honestly, I was bit confused about this product, it really looks like a foundation, but on the MAC site, it says it’s a moisturizing tinted cream, so we will go with cream.

I applied it with Dior fluid foundation brush on my left face. On MAC’s website, it suggests to use it with the 140 Synthetic Full Brush or sponge. Though I don’t own that brush, I wouldn’t use it to apply any liquid/cream makeup. Especially, the brush is for powders(maybe some mistakes on their description box).

The reason why I choose this brush is because I feel this sheer tinted cream is more watery than liquid foundations, so I need to use a flat brush to apply it evenly. After I applied, my skin feels moisturized. Maybe I really treated it as a foundation, so I added couple layers on my face (kind of wishing miracle would happen, like pimples would be covered). Anyway, I realized it’s not a foundation and it won’t change its coverage. So I let it set without any setting powder, just to see the result.


After (on the left side of my face):

As a result, I feel it’s more like a tinted moisturizer. It's light-weighted, the same time nourishes my skin, and as its name I barely feel I have any makeup on my face. Although It didn't cover my flaws that much, it did cover the redness I had as you can see in my chin area. However, if you desire for more coverage, then you do need a concealer.

For testing purpose, I didn’t use any concealer, and also because I feel so confortable to wear it just the way it is. What I love about this product is, if you have a foundation, you wish to change its color (like I do), then this is the product!!! I have many foundations, but a few of them are a little bit light for me, so If I can’t make them become dark shades, I would use the Next To Nothing Face Colour in darker shades as my makeup base then apply my foundation. Furthermore, for people who seeks for “no-makeup” kind of makeup, they might find this product alone is enough. Nonetheless, if this product contained SPF, it would be just be perfect.

Have you tired anything from this collection? Let me know what you think about it.

Price: $31

35 ml / 1.2 US fl oz

Where to get:

Thank you for reading!


(THANK YOU Mac cosmetics and Octoly for sending me it, all opinions are 100% my own)

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