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The most beautiful liquid foundation I've ever got!

When I said this foundation is the most beautiful one, I really meant it!! Not only the packaging is so gorgeous but also the product its own.

While many people know Ladurée as a French bakery, and its iconic product Macaron. Us makeup junkies know it for its makeup line Les Merveilleuses Ladurée, and its iconic product- THE FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE aka the rose petal blush (if you haven’t seen it before, click here). I’ve bought several things from this brand, love EACH ONE of them!!

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée just launched their liquid foundation this year September 1st. The liquid foundation is supposed to “create an immaculate, luminous foundation on which to build perfectly refined, rose-kissed skin”. And it has SPF 20.

I bought the color 20 and 30. The one I used on my face today is 20.

I was very excited because I was going to Japan, so this one was definitely on my shopping list!

Look at the packaging , isn’t it gorgeous?! I am just going to keep the box. Ok, enough for its outside, let’s see the inside of it!

Before foundation:

After foundation:

Below picture is a closer picture of my pimple that is covered, but still visible.

This color 20 is obvious lighter than my skin, I might use it as a highlight base in the future. Regardless the color, I love when liquid foundation comes with a pump.

While the foundation is on my fingers, I actually took couple pictures for myself before applying the foundation, it was a quite challenge!!! After pictures, I just applied it on my face directly by my fingers. It has a floral scent, the smell is pleasant not perfume like.

I started with my chin area where I had a pimple. Honestly, one glide I saw how much it covered and blended so well, I was just impressed! Then I took pictures of me right the way, and when I check my face on the mirror, the foundation became semi-matte!!! The area I noticed first was around my nose. I have a combination-dry skin and my t-zone always gets oily. So when I saw the oil around my nose is gone, I took it as a very good sign, especially without a primer. And then I started to look at other oily areas on my face, shine almost all disappeared.

The First layer was good already, it covered my pimple, and the redness. Next I started to build up just to see if it would get cakey. As a result, I didn’t use any concealer and my face looks flawless! (well, the under eyes area is another story… I would totally apply concealer if wasn’t for this foundation review, no matter how good a foundation is, I always apply concealer under my eyes).

I went out for couple hours, shopped in Whole foods and picked some dinner. When I got home, I noticed my nose area was kind of oily; I blame it on myself, because I forgot to use setting powder. I think I love this foundation too much to say anything bad about it. However, (if I have to) I do have one thing that is its disadvantage; the whole liquid foundation colletion only has 3 colors to choose from. Can you believe it? Only 3 colors! The color selection might be the smallest in the makeup industry, no kidding! So are their cream and powder foundation. I honestly wonder why?! Anyway, I guess I am just lucky I bought two colors, and color 30 is my color.

Unfortunately, this makeup line is not available in US. But I do found some on Amazon and Ebay. Also available in Sephora France.

Thank you for reading !


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