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*Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palettes-Golden Sands

Hi loves,

Happy August!!!

I've been buying lots of highlighters lately, and I just start to use them one my one, lol. So today will be another highlighter palette review! One of my favorite brands-Huda Beauty.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palettes include four shades with two different textures. HB highlighter collection has 3 different palettes, they are: Pink Sands Edition, Golden Sands Edition and Summer Solstice Collection (Limited edition ). Today I will review and swatch the Golden Sands Edition.

First, let's talk about this packaging!!! All I can say is "Highlighter on fleek" !!! Though, I did see some comments on Instagram that some people prefer their makeup don't have anyone's face on it. Honestly, I don't mind that, it's all about personal preference.

FIJI- golden pearly with creamy formula

SEYCHELLES- champagne pearly powder

TAHITI-Bronze pearly powder

ZANZIBAR-Rosey pearly powder


1x 0.26oz

3x 0.28oz

There's "instruction" inside of this palette, as you can see the third picture below, there are Prep, Set, Sculpt and Flush. It's a great idea to use a cream as a base, then layer powder on it. This way it makes your highlighter pops also makes it long-lasting. However, I wouldn't use all these four shades at once. For me, using FIJI as a base with one powder is enough. Each shades is different, highly pigmented and very smooth. The least thing you want to have when you apply highlighter is it enlarges your pores and shows other imperfection. So it's really great Huda creates her highlighter palettes with thought using ingredients such as Karite butter and Shea Butter("Smooths the skin and imparts an even, lit-from-within base for the powders to adhere").

Below pic is FIJI:


FIJI as base, light sweep of SEYCHELLES

Multiple sweeps of SEYCHELLES on my cheek:


I am very impressed by the formula, it's smoothier than Anastasia Beverly hill Aurora Glow kit(I just reviewed it on my last post ), also it has less glitter. I know many people been saying it's a mess when you apply the creamy shade, somehow it wasn't a problem for me when I was trying to apply it. I found the best method to do so is using your fingertip and just dab it on where you want to apply. The size of Huda Beauty highlighter palette is bigger than I thought, I feel one palette can last me for months if I use all the shades everyday!!

I will review The Pink Sands Edition next time(hopefully the Summer Solstice LE highlighter palette as well).

Thanks for stopping by!!! (Sorry my comment section is under maintenance... Will fix it asap!!) If you have any question feel free to ask me on my Instagram: HOSANNA1992 )


Price: $45 for USA

($57 for other regions)




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