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*NEW Rebecca Stella Makeups

Good morning loves,

Sorry for lacking of posting!! I went to Japan on vacation for a while, finally have some free times now. Today I will review some new makeups I recently got from Rebecca Stella; a little information about her:

She is a Greek/Lebanese TV host in Sweden(no wonder she's so GORGEOUS) and a Creative Director, launched her brand in 2015 that includes red carpet dresses, must-have bodycon dresses, swimwear, basics, bodysuits and an awesome makeup range.

I love how elegant her makeup products look and with all those creative product names, and the most important thing is all her makeup products are cruelty-free!!

Now let's take a look of these beautiful makeups:

1). All about that base

USD 32.13

"Extra long-lasting skin balance foundation. Guarantees all-day perfect make-up. Restores the skin’s elasticity and hides imperfections. The color is balanced by the skin with 100% coverage and lasts more than 12h. Unique formula includes vitamin E, cucumber extract and tea tree oil. For all skin types. Waterproof, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. "

This is one of Rebecca Stella makeup 's bestsellers. The color I have is No.3, it has a neutral undertone, and is great for a light beige skin. I really love this foundation, I didn't need to use color correctors because this foundation give me the right amount coverage to cover my acne scares and it's really long-lasting. (I will write a detail post compare it with my other foundations next time!)

2). Like A Million Bucks Makeup Blender

USD 12.78

This makeup blender is very similar to BeautyBlender. However, it's more dense which isn't a bad thing. I actually use this blender everyday now. IT'S PINK and SO PRETTY!

3). Pampered and Royal Lip pencils

USD 15.35

Pampered is described as a soft and long wear lip pencil in a creamy nude color, Royal is a maroon/burgundy color. These two liners go on my lips smoothly and very creamy.

(below pic is without camera flash)

4). Tough Enough Matte Lipstick

USD 19

"Long-lasting and rich in color, this lipstick will also keep your lips moisturized with its vitamin complex. Intensify the color by applying two coats or keep it sheer by only applying one. "

I haven't use this lipstick yet, because it's such a beautiful shade and looks pretty in my Instagram pics(Going to buy a backup... ...) I will use it eventually! First time use something pretty like this is always the hardest part, right?

5). The squad palette

USD 51

"Eye shadow palette with sophisticated, classic shades. This collection gives you the colors you crave, in formulas that blend with a touch, and stay true and beautiful for hours."

Unfortunately, I saw Rebecca's post on instagram that this palette is sold out on her website, not clear whether this one will be back in stock or not, but one thing for sure is that she's trying to create other eyeshadow palette with gorgeous colors. I just started to use this palette and I love it! These matte/shimmer colors are essentials for me to use everyday or an evening smoky look.

These are swatches on my arm, I didn't use any eyeshadow primer. I was impressed by how creamy and easy to blend these eyeshadows are.

Below pic is with camera flash:

Below pic is with indoor lights:

$51 for this palette might seems bit pricy, but keep in mind that these are made in EU, and these pan sizes are much bigger than any other eyeshadow palettes pans(its size reminded me Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour kit). I actually use the first color and the third color to highlight and contour(From L-R first row).

I hope to see more awesome makeups create by Rebecca Stella, and I think it will be great if on her next palette, she can have eyeshadow's names on the palette somewhere(like the back of the palette).

Overall, I am impressed by these Rebecca Stella makeups!! Make sure to check her Instagram out <<Rebecca_Stella>>

Thank you so much for reading!

And I will review more new products soon!


*(Thank you Rebecca Stella Makeup for sending me these products!!)

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