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Sisley-Paris Phyto-Ombre Glow Eyeshadow

Hi loves,

I finally have time to write my blog! and today I will review two Sisley-Paris Phyto-Ombre Glow Eyeshadows palettes.

These two eye shadows are my most expensive single eyeshadows in my makeup collection, I bought Gold and Amber. First, these two colors are really gorgeous especially " Gold " and secondly I really want to check if they are worth the price.

Information about Sisley-Paris:

“When Hubert d'Ornano founded Sisley-Paris in 1976, his use of botanical active ingredients and essential oils in beauty products was an innovative concept. Today, Sisley continues its tradition of pioneering new treatments with research from its own laboratories. The French collection features a full range of skin care, makeup, and fragrances.”

-From Neiman Marcus site

It says you can use it as a single eyeshadow, an eyeliner, a highlighter on the arch of the brow or in the inner corner of the eyes. I actually mix "Gold" with my Mac Fix spray use it as an eyeliner, it’s so gorgeous because of its high pigments. I used it above with my black eyeliner when I go out with my friends or go shopping by myself:)And when you really want the glowy look, you can use this color on your cheekbones, it's beautiful!!! Believe me !!

I love Amber, it's such a lovely brown shade that is great for everyday look or combine it with other colors. I love how it shows on my lower lash line when I want a little smokey eye makeup .

Here are swatches,

The bottom line is, for a single eyeshadow palette it's definately overpriced. I can find dupes for these two shades with much less money. However, if you want to add some luxuries to your makeup collection, "Gold" would be a good choice!

Thank you for reading,


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