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NYX Slide on Lip Pencils

Hi loves, I just bought some NYX Slide On Lip Pencils from Ulta, these babies are new by NYX and described as waterproof pencil goes on extra smooth with a long-wearing finish. The whole collection comes with 12 different colors. I am going to review and swatch 6 of them!

Pics below are with natural light (kind of dark in my room lol )

Pic below with a flash

From L-R: Brick House, Red Tape, Dark Soul ,Nebula, Nude Suede Shoes and Bedrose:

Pic below without a flash:

I bought Bedrose, Nude Suede Shoes, Brick House, Dark Soul, Nebula and Red Tape. Recently I have been obsessed with lip liners/pencils; I was going to buy Urban Decay lipliners, but so many of their popular ones are out of stock! :(

Anyway, so I picked these lip liners. NYX slide lip pencils are matte and waterproof. The formula is great and it goes smooth on my lips, and I also love their lasting powder (I tried to use water wash my swatches on my hands…Amazing!!!).

And these two pictures below are I try to use napkin rub them off(I tried really hard... my arm was kind of hurt lol )... You can tell it's smudge-free, but I am not sure about how they will be after eating or drinking.

I like all of them, except the dark one: Nebula. You can see the swatches; it does not have a good coverage and I did apply a great lip balm but it’s still feathering :\

Other great thing about these lip pencils is you can wear it alone, like this picture below I used Nude Suede Shoes (My favorite color among all of them):

Pice: $8

where to buy: and

What's your favorite lip liners/pencils?

Thank you for reading !


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