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Les merveilleuses de laduree pressed cheek color

Good evening loves, I have been really busy with all my finals, so here’s a quick review with swatches of Les Merveilleuses De Laduree pressed cheek color. I wanted review this for a long time. I love everything from Les Merveileuses de laduree. It’s definitely the prettiest makeup brand in the world! (at least I think). Little information about this brand: we all know macaroon from Laduree dessert store in Paris, so Les merveilleuses de laduree is Laduree’s makeup line, everything is made in Japan. That’s why you can only find this brand in Japan and France.

Here are some makeup products from this brand:

When I went to Japan, I was just keeping take pictures!! so pretty!!

I LOVE EVERYTHING from this brand, but the MIXED FACE COLOR ROSE LADURÉE is their star! The picture below is the face color rose blush:

(I will write another post about color No.2 I bought!)

I love that most of Japanese makeup have refills, especially for gorgeous packaging like these. Like this one, it comes with the case, and the refill. I really like this way, because not only you can keep the beautiful case, but also It gives customers more color options. See pictures from Les Merveilleuses Ladurée website below of pressed cheek color:

I wanted to buy all of them but I just bought 3 pressed cheek color, and sorry....I lost one somewhere in my makeup The color I use the most is No.5, here are swatches:

Below picture is how the refill looks like:

Below pictures are pressed cheek color in No.4(right) and No.5(left):

Below picture is the swatches on my friend's arm with one light application, top one without a flash and the lower one is with a flash:

(I have many lipsticks swatches on my arm.. and I am lazy to remove them, lol)

It's a really beautiful bright pink!

Just one sweep, it gives me what I want! The only down side is their lasting power, it will not last long if you just use this blush by itself, that's why LM de laduree has the blush base, which is another great product they have. So before applying this powder blush, you suppose to put their blush base (This was how the saler from the LM counter did on my cheeks when I was in Japan!) I really love how looked at that time, it gives healthy, sweet look and lasted on me at least 5 hours!

What do you think about these babies?

I seriously love this brand soooo much, love their elegant packaging. Although, it is a pricy makeup brand it totally worth the money!!!

There are two websites you buy these:

you can also buy this from Amazon, but it's totally overpiced..

Thank you for reading!!


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