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Huda Beauty Nail Kits

Good Evening Loves!

Today I will review those nails kits from huda beauty. Many of you know her from Instagram, and for those who do not know here, here are some information for you:

Huda Kattan is an Award Winning Blogger and Hollywood trained celebrity makeup artist in Dubai. In 2010 she founded her blog, Huda Beauty, to help teach women everywhere how to enhance and embrace their natural beauty with easy steps, product reviews, and tutorials. Through her blog, she has reached millions of views and continues to grow exponentially. has been viewed in over 100 countries worldwide and continues to influence women everywhere on easy ways to not only boost their beauty, but also their confidence!

(Above quotes are from

She has her own makeup line that includes false lashes and nail kits. I bought couple false lashes and nail kits from, because they were only available in Dubai. But now her false lashes lines are available on Sephora in America and Canada!! (she is my WCW)

Anyway, here are some details of two nails kits I bought; Posh in Paris and Burlesque Babe. Each of the kit contains one nail glue, one nail tool for shaping your nails and 24 nails with 12 sizes. You can see small numbers on the very tip of these nails (the side you put on your nail bed).

The first one is I tried is Posh in Paris:

Below is the picture of directions:

The picture below is how they look when I put them on my nails:

Below are pictures of how Burlesque Babe look on my nails:

This is my first time use these nail kits. Before I apply, I watched Huda's video how to use it correctly on her blog. Some people like to take these false nails off before they sleep, if you are one of them, before you apply false nails you can put on cream on your hands and only apply a little nail glue around the edge of your nail bed. If you want to keep them longer, you can use nailpolish remover to clean your nails then put them on. Ever since I have these false nails on, I got so many compliments from my friends. And many followers on my instagram also told me they really like my nails. It's really easy to apply and remove, and they are convenient for people who doesn't have time go to nail salons. Last Fridat, I just ordered two new nail kits from, it was in a black friday deal kit, along with Huda's new false lashes. Can't wait to try them!!!



where to get them:

Thank you for reading, if you have any question, you can leave comments below. Till next time :)


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