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Artis Makeup Brushes

Hi loves, I am sooo excited that I will review The Artis Brushes. I heard so many great things about them, and saw many famous makeup arties use these brushes. I actually bought 5 of them; I bought the Artis Brush's 'Elite Mirror 3 brush set (Linear 1, circle 1 and Oval 4), one Oval 6 and one Oval 8. Today I will review Oval 6 and Oval 8( two best-sellers). Many of you saw Mac cosmetics launched this type of brushes before; the creator of Artis Brushes is actually former executive from Mac cosmetics. Each Artis Brush is made with CosmeFibre. I never heard about it before. But I assume it must be something special lol

Anyway, all brushes come in boxes; on the back of box there’s face chart to tell you what is the brush for. See picture below:

Below from L-R: Oval 6, Oval 4, Circle 1 and linear 1:

3 days ago, I used Oval 6 brush for applying foundation!(I was waiting for Oval 8) OMG!!! it seriously amazed me!! I own tons of brushes (all kinds of brand!! I really love to buy makeup brushes!) I noticed the difference right the way. It blended my foundation very well and the brush is so soft, I almost fall asleep, really... (School days)… … Not only it blends so well but also the brush can blend so fast. I remember some foundation brushes that I used before, they did not do a good job; I tried to blend my foundation, at the end it’s like the foundation still lying on my face, looks cakey. I have to say, this Oval 6 really made me so happy (you know that feeling that when you found a great makeup or brush!!)

I took some online makeup classes before, like Tamanna Roashan-@dressyourface on instagram. In one of her classes, she said for applying foundation and concealer, you want a brush that can press the products into your skin instead of lying on your face (Aka cakey face). MAC 130 brush was her recommendation. Unlike MAC 130 brush, when you use Aritis brushes (mostly their foundation brushes), you should be use a swirling motion.

When I was looking at these brushes on the Artis Brushes website, I thought the sizes of Oval 6 and Oval 8 do not have too much difference, however, Oval 6 is actually much smaller than Oval 8. Oval 8 is perfect for foundation and Oval 6 you can use to apply foundation (it takes longer time than Oval 8, can focus on small area better), also contour, blush and highlight.

See Picture below for size comparison:

The key is do not use too much product while you are using Artis Brush; because it blends so well, and I used less amount of foundation than I normally need! What I love these brushes the most is they are actually designed for you to use on yourself, because the way you hold the brush, it's not toward you (Like Sigma f 80) but against you skin, I think this is the other reason why Artis brushes blend so well.

Here is the chart of comparison of all Artis Brushes:

Recently they just launched Oval 7, it says people call it “the perfect brush”, so tempting that I am thinking to get it lol. Oval 6 and 8 are sold out on Artist Brush website and some other retailer online stores, like Neimn Marcus. Even though they have both of them available in other collections, I still prefer the Elite Mirror collection. It’s prettier than the Fluenta collection and the Elite Smoke colletion.

Prices of some Arties Brushes

The Elite mirror 3 brush set is $90

Circle 1: $32

Liner 1: $32

Oval 4: $40

Oval 6: $48

Oval 8: $62

Thanks for reading loves!! Love to write while seeing snow outside :)


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