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NARS Dual-intensity Blush,Craving

Hi loves,

Today I will review the dual-intensity Blush in Craving from Nars Cosmetics. This product is introduced as a sparkling seashell pink highlighter / Shimmering beachy bronze.

When this collection just launched, I was going to get it from Sephora, but I was having difficulty to choose colors, somehow I did not get any of them. Sometime, when you go shopping makeup and cannot decide which color to pick, you either take long time to choose the best one, or you buy all of them, or you end up like me-get none of them.

I got this from Japan, while I was traveling with my family. The girl works at Nars counter is so nice, and her smokey eyes look is so pretty, so I let her did my makeup. I bought everything that she used on my faces and for my eyes look. Nars is one of them; it matches the smokey eyes look perfect.

Below is swatch with indoor lights:

Below is swatch with flash:

I love the highlighter side a lot, so I use it often. I tried to use the bronzer side for contouring; it did not work so well, because it is kind of orange bronzer. When I use it as bronzer, oh my!! It gave healthy beachy summer look that I really love. It says you can you use it dry or wet, I have not use it in wet… I should try it next time, it sounds interesting!

Overall, I am happy that I got this one instead of make up for ever pro sculpting duo in Pink Beige. These two are very similar to me, but I really just want the highlighter part of the MUFE one, the bronzer is just too orange to me. Plus, I really love the texture of Nars dual-intensity blush.

Thank you for reading this, until next time <3


Price: $45, 3.6g

Overall: A-

Texture: 5/5

Converge: 4/5

Longevity: 4/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Link to the profuct: <>

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