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Description from Zoeva:

“We dream in powder nude and rose gold. The Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection revives every sleeping beauty. Treat yourself like a princess with the new Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection and live your modern fairy tale with ZOEVA's new gems. We celebrate the woman awakening the girl within, the one she never lost but has often forgotten. She is her own well-kept secret, but above all, she is a woman in the purest form. “

I am very sorry that I have not write any post on my blog, I was in China for two months and in Japan for one weeks, I miss my blog sooooo much!!!

Anyway, I am so excited that I finally got my hands of these babies all the way from Germany, Zoeva Rose Golden luxury sets were out of stock for a long time, they are so popular, I can tell why so!!! These are so gorgeous; the designs are beautiful and feminine.

There are 8 brushes for both face and eyes and one rose golden Brush Clutch. All brushes’ bristles are either natural hair or synthetic taklon hair, ferrules are made of rose gold with beautiful engraving signs and handles are made of powder pink wood handle with engraved “Rose golden” (Perfect match!!) Here are descriptions for these 8 brushes.

#104 Buffer is for applying and blending foundation:

#109 Luxe Face Paint is for Contouring and shaping with powder:

#126 Luxe Cheek Finish can apply powder, blush and bronzer:

Eyes brushes:

#226 Smudger can apply and blend eyeshadow along the lash line:

#228 Luxe Crease can blend transitions to a seemless finish:

#234 Luxe Smoky Shader can apply and blend eyeshadow for a smoky finish:

#317 Wing Liner is for applying eyeliner with the perfect flick:

#322 Brow Line is for apply eyebrow products for perfectly shaped brows:

I love brush #104 Buffer for both liquid and powder foundation, just like other non-natural hair bristle, it absorbs liquid foundation more, but it blends foundation seamlessly. It reminds me Sigma F80 Kabuki brush.

I think #109 and #126 brushes have the same bristles, I think brush #109 is the star of all face brushes, especially contour brushes. It works better with powder contour and for blending creamy contour products. #126 Luxe cheek finish is great for both creamy and powder blushes, also great for applying bronzer as well. Both of them are soft, and working great on my face.

Brush #226 Smudger is great for blending eyeliner or eyeshadow along both higher and lower lash lines, it blends beautiful.

Brush #317 Wing Liner is a great angled eyeliner brush, brush #322 Brow line is great brush as well, but I do not like use it as a brow brush, because it’s kind of big for my eyebrow, I like to use it to smudge my eyeshadow, but I will try to use it for my eyebrows.


$78 Dollar for 8 brushes is a great deal, and the qualities are way much better than some brushes set cost more money, I ordered them and Zoeva processed my order pretty fast, it just my package was delayed in custom. (For this, I called USPS many times, both of us could do nothing, I was just too excited to get my orders… LOL). I bought both Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol 2 and Rose Golden Luxury Complete Eye Set 2. The shipping fee to America is $16 through DHL and it takes about 4-12 days.

The link of Zoeva : <>

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