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Hakuhodo S102 Finishing Brush

Hi my beautifuls!

Makeup brushes are so important, I think we all know that, so invest coupled wonderful brushes are necessary, I love makeup brushes so much, this been follow me since I was young, I love pens, pencils, notebooks when I was studying in middle school. After I fall in love with makeup (I mean become a makeup addicted hhhh) I am not only love all beautiful makeups but really a lot of makeup brushes. I have many brushes that are high end and others are more affordable.

Today I would love to show the most luxurious and softest finishing powder brush, Hakuhodo s102, it is so soft, gosh!!! Hakuhodo is the brushes maker of maccosmetcis that from Japan, I think it is the most professional and high quality makeup brushes company ever!!!! Japan has many factories for master in makeup brushes, they carefully handcraft all the brushes, natural bristle is curtly-free (that’s the whole point!!! And the most important one!!! We do not want to any animal get hurt!!!)

This brush is from Hakuhodo' signature collection: S100 series. All s100 series brushes’ handle is in rich vermillion, a traditional Japanese color and the handle broadens slightly towards the bottom. The brass ferrule is 24-karat gold plated with clear coating (That’s fancy!!!)

Above : I compared its size with other two powder brushes,

Dior Professional finish powder brush light cover and Sisley-pairs powder brush.

This brush feels like in heaven and great for powder, sometimes when I do my makeup in the morning before school, I literally feel sleepy when I use this brush (no exaggeration!!!!!) not good for school! Good for doing makeup lol

The bristle is made of blue Blue Squirrel (that's why is ultra soft!!!) and the hair length is 48.5mm, thickness is 10.0mm.

I bought it on $148 without shipping fees.

Hope you like it, see you next time


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