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Hi my loves

I just bought POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE NATURAL FINISH LOOSE POWDER from chanel in 30 natural, it is such a beautiful finish powder that I use it everyday. Loose powder is very important step for a perfect and long lasting makeup look, and there are many two kinds of loose powder I have tried; one is matte finishing powder and the other one is finishing powder with shimmer.

Most of time I use matte finishing powder, sometimes during summer while I am on my beach vacation, I love using shimmery finishing powder, but I only dust a little on my face. It is really pretty under bright sunshine<3 But many times using a shimmery finishing powder tend to looks messy, the point is when to wear it and how much is the right amount to wear it.

This Chanel natural finish loose powder is matte finish and very smooth on skin, the color I chose actually brighten my skin because it has pink color in it. Some people think finishing powder should put over setting powder, for myself I do not really follow that, as long as the powder is able to mattify my foundation and keep my makeup longer. This powder is really fine and very smooth, and it does keep my foundation stays longer.

Downside of this powder is it only gives three different shades opitions for us :( They are 20 clair, 30 natural and 40 dore. Chanel used to have four shades, but Rêverie shade is part of the Holiday 2012 Éclats du Soir de Chanel Collection.


Powder is Really fine

Makes skin smoother

Evens skintone

Mattifying foundation

Keep foundation longer

Brighten skin(but some people do not like this)



A few Color ranges

Overall: A-

You can buy it from, nordstrom, macy's, Neiman Marcus, and bloomingdales

Thank you all for reading, hope you like it.


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