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Chanel Les Mini De Chanel Collection Of 6 Mini Brush Se

Good Morning, my loves

Today I would love to review Chanel Les Mini De Chanel Collection Of 6 Mini Brush Set; this mini brush set was launched in Chanel 2014 holiday collection. I got it from Bloomingdale while other retail stores were all sold out.

This brush set came with a CHANEL-logo pouch, and it includes a removable mirror and a transformable brush holder. The set includes one foundation brush, one powder and blush brush, two eyeshadow brushes, one eyeliner brush, and one lip brush. The foundation and lip brushes are synthetic bristles, and the blush and eyeshadow brushes are natural bristles. All of them are aluminum ferrule and wooden handle.

All of these brushes do not come in Chanel’s regular size brushes, even the blush brush looks similar like the Chanel blush #4, I love this set because it is very convenient that you can just put in your purse, the lovely design of this set has a mirror and a brush holder is very sweet.

I really love of them, if I have to choose then the least favorite one would be the eyeshadow blending brush, there is no problem with the brush itself, it just kind of big for me to use, but I found out that it is actually quite good to use it to dab some powder highlighter on the cheekbones

The foundation brush reminds me the Shiseido foundation brush, I love the Shiseido foundation brush so much, after heard everybody talking nice things about the brush I went to buy one, and now I actually own two of them!! As you can see, the Chanel foundation brush’s handle is shorter than the Shiseido brush’s handle, but the bristle is longer than the Shiseido foundation brush’s bristle. Chanel has more round angled bristle and the Shiseido foundation brush’s angled bristle has more definition.

What is your favorate makeup brush? Let me know :)

Thank you for reading, love you all


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