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Gucci Audacious Color-intense lipstick, Berry Vanity

Hi my loves!

Today I am reviewing Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick, Berry Vanity in #150. First,

Gucci launched their makeup line in June 2014. I love the packaging so much!!! Elegant, fancy

and luxury!!! I picked couple stuff, I absolutely love them!! This lipstick amazingly moisturized

my lips, I did not use any lip scrub and my lips were really dry, but you cannot really tell after I

put this lipstick on; I do not feel my lips are dry neither:0 If you just see the lipstick you would

think it is a deep dark red, but in reality, this red is so gorgeous, and it is the perfect red for me;

Below is without flash

Below is with flash

This is the official description:

Retro inspired with a modern feel, Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick grips the lips for bold, saturated color. The lipstick's innovative formula contains a mix of waxes and resin to grip and adhere to the lips, and wears with a sophisticated, weightless finish. Specially designed to give incredible coverage in a single swipe, the sculpted sharp-edged form allows for a precise application.

• Intense color formula contains a mix of waxes and resin to grip the lips.

• Saturated with pigment for bold color payout.

Signature gourmand 'Blue Chocolate' fragrance.

Well, It does all of these above, such a creamy, gorgeous lipstick, and look that package!!! I

am in love with it!!!

Price: $39, 3.6g

Overall: A-

Texture: 5/5

Converge: 4/5

Longevity: 4/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

You can buy it on Gucci, neiman marcus wesite:)

Thank you all for reading!!!!!!


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