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How to cover your acne

Hi, my loves

This morning I did a “Pictutorial” about how I covered my acne. I do not normally have acne problem, but occasionally I would have these big red acne on my faces, especially on my chin and forehead.

This is before and after:

1. Use a green concealer with a small concealer brush.

2. The brush you use is very important and try to use the tip of the brush on your acne

3. Use the normal color concealer that is match your skintone

(P.S: I used the middle one on my face.)

This is after I put green and normal color concealer, I know!!! It looks funny, but just wait… …

4. Cover your acne along with your foundation by using a damp Beautyblender or sponge rather than a makeup brush

5.The result already showed, but just in case the break-out during the say so let’s put one last step, that is setting powder

Ta dah!!! There’s the finish look!!

I hate to say this, but makeup does not cure your acne,it just helps you temporally. There some tips from my experience, for most of people who has the acne problem there are some good ways to do and not to do:

1. Having a healthy diet (less meat, more vegetables and fruit)

2. Working out and try to sweat even a hot shower can helps it

3. Use treatment that you would not addicted that means, do not use treatment wouldn’t work once you stop use it.

4. Balance your skin, do not let your skin dry out!! it’s a killer !!! Lack of moisture would make your skin get oily and acne problem would keep coming. My mom told me that a lot of her clients misunderstood the problem of oily skin, they think their faces get oily because it has too much oil. Somehow, not having enough moisture is the real problem causes the oily skin and acne.

5. Do not stay up, it can cause lots of problem, but if you have to make sure the next day you put a mask on your tired skin.

6. Stay away from food that contain too much fat and oil.

7. Always have a happy mood, you might not believe it, but this is true.

There’s something I want to tell all my readers, I do not use any photoshop on my pictures so if you do not like it just simply skip it. Thanks for these people who like my post :) I am so happy that even though I only wrote one post so far, I got some of my reader’s email to ask me question already. I really enjoy doing this beauty blog. I encourage all of you write me any question or comment. That means a lot for me. Thank you so much!!!!

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