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The Brush Keeps Selling Out at Sephora

I actually didn’t pay attention to this brush when it first came out until I saw many restock information about it on Instagram. That’s when I knew this brush keeps selling out, I tried to get it couple times, finally I got this Fenty Beauty Face&Body Kabuki brush 160. Let’s see if this is worth the hype.

I’ve never tried any Kabuki brush before, so this is my first Kabuki Brush, yay for me! The Fenty Beauty face and body kabuki brush has a soft synthetic bristles and is designed for blending both liquid and powder formulas. Worth to mention its brush head is custom angled, so it’s perfect for different areas on you face especially around the nose and jawline. That being said, it kind of reminds me Huda Beauty Buff & Blend brush, only the Fenty one has bigger bristles. Anyhow, after using it couple times I think this brush is by far the most amazing brush I’ve ever used. I bought it because all the hype, but after tried it in person, it’s pretty impressive. First of all, I adore the sleek design and its round handle. I tried it with couple different liquid foundation; it just blends my foundation seamlessly. Moreover, it has a dense yet ultra soft bristles, I love how soft this brush is, especially my skin is sensitive these days duo to the weather change gladly the brush is gentle enough to use everyday.

This brush is perfect only if the handle wouldn't get my fingerprints or the price would be lower. I haven’t try to use it for my body yet, looking forward though (I have to clean it before doing that or get one more just for use it on my body lol ).

Price: $34

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